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World Bank Vice President Collaborates with UEB to Share and Increase Development Cooperation Opportunities, International Exchange

In an effort to expand its network of research and policy advisory collaborations and promote international education, the University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (UEB) welcomed Professor Ian Goldin, a lecturer at the University of Oxford and former Vice President of the World Bank, along with representatives from the British Embassy in Hanoi, on April 22.

The event was attended by Associate Professor Dr. Le Trung Thanh, Rector of UEB; Dr. Nguyen Duc Lam, Head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development Cooperation; Dr. Nguyen Duc Bao, Deputy Head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development Cooperation; Associate Professor Dr. Le Dinh Hai, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Development Economics; Dr. Pham Vu Thang, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration; and a team of lecturers and students from UEB. Representing the guests were representatives of the British Embassy in Hanoi.

Working session between University of Economics and Business - VNU and Prof. Ian Goldin - Oxford University lecturer, former Vice President of the World Bank and representative of the UK Embassy in Hanoi

Opening Remarks

In his opening remarks, Associate Professor Dr. Le Trung Thanh expressed his delight that UEB had the opportunity to exchange and discuss cooperation opportunities with Professor Ian Goldin. Professor Goldin is a Professor of Globalization and Development at the University of Oxford and the Founding Director of the Oxford Martin School, one of the world's leading interdisciplinary research institutions on major global challenges. He has also served as Vice President of the World Bank and Chief Policy Officer of the Corporation, serving on the World Bank's Executive Board and other key committees.

Associate Professor. Dr. Le Trung Thanh, Rector of the UEB, expressed his joy in welcoming Professor. Ian Goldin 

"With his extensive experience in economics, globalization, and development, we would like to have the opportunity to collaborate with Professor Ian Goldin as a speaker and guest lecturer at UEB," said Associate Professor Dr. Le Trung Thanh. "In addition, the university is striving to become one of the leading research universities, so we hope that the university and Professor Ian Goldin will have the opportunity to collaborate, exchange research, and participate in policy advisory seminars in the fields of Economics, Business, and Globalization."

Potential for Collaboration

Professor Ian Goldin highlighted the potential for collaboration between UEB and UK educational institutions in the areas of international economics and globalization research. He noted UEB's strong research foundations in these areas, particularly in the context of Vietnam's rapid growth and emergence as a bright spot for development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Professor Ian Goldin shares about the potential for development cooperation between UEB and educational units in the UK

"The research and policy recommendations made at this time will be of great value and contribute to the sustainable development of the nation," Professor Goldin said. He also emphasized that many UEB lecturers have extensive experience studying and working in the UK, creating an important bridge to promote cooperation at the faculty and training institute levels between the two universities, expanding the network of academic connections between the two institutions.

Strengthening Ties

The event also reaffirmed the strong cooperative relationship between UEB and the UK, as evidenced by the joint organization of international academic forums, student and lecturer exchange programs, and the signing of a general memorandum of understanding. This was further reiterated by Ms. Ruth Turner, Policy and Development Advisor at the British Embassy in Hanoi.

Ms. Ruth Turner - Political and Development Counsellor of the British Embassy in Hanoi shared at the meeting

"UEB's faculty members are important members of the alumni network in the UK and have very good relationships with universities, educational institutions, and scholars, experts, and lecturers," said Ms. Turner. "This is a good condition to increase opportunities for academic exchange between UEB students and lecturers and universities in the UK." She also added that the UK has a wide range of scholarships available for international students, providing them with the opportunity to study, work, and experience the local traditional culture.

Seminar on Economic Prospects

Following the exchange, UEB organized a seminar entitled "Economic Prospects: Globalization or Deglobalization" with Professor Ian Goldin as the speaker. Professor Goldin discussed the factors affecting the economy, the drivers of economic and social growth and development, the promotion of market opening, and the promotion of liberalization of trade in goods, services, and investment, in the context of the development of Vietnam and the UK. The seminar also focused on answering questions from students. The students expressed their perspectives and assessments as the younger generation, based on the knowledge they have learned in the classroom, applied to the context of the modern Vietnamese economy, leaving a special impression on the participating speakers.

Professor. Ian Goldin attended the seminar on the topic "Economic Prospects: Globalization or Deglobalization" as a speaker
The seminar received the attention of many UEB students
UEB students were excited to ask and interact with Professors. Ian Goldin at the seminar

The exchange and seminar were a great success. It is hoped that UEB and Professor Ian Goldin will have more opportunities for exchange and cooperation in the future.

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