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The first graduation ceremony of the Joint training program - Master of Business Administration between UEB and the University of St. Francis

Recently, UEB,  in collaboration with the University of St. Francis, USA, hosted the first graduation ceremony for participants of the Master of Business Administration - MBA USF program conferred by the University of St. Francis.

The MBA USF is an internationally accredited MBA program, validated by the prestigious ACBSP and recognized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training. The program provides a rigorous educational pathway designed to develop leadership skills, innovate thinking, and enhance managerial capabilities. It fosters passion and broadens perspectives through practical learning strategies and discussions on real-world business issues.

During the ceremony, the new Masters received congratulations from the President of the University of St. Francis; the US Embassy in Hanoi; the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam; the American Center in Hanoi and were awarded their prestigious diplomas by representatives of both institutions' leadership.

Representatives from the University of St. Francis included Dr. Maribeth Hearn and Dr. Steven Wettergren, faculty members who traveled to Vietnam to participate in the graduation ceremony of the first cohort of MBA USF students; along with all the graduates of the first cohort of the MBA USF program.

From the US, Dr. Arvid Johnson sends his congratulations to the fresh graduate

In his speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Trung Thanh, Rector of UEB, shared: “Today, as you start a new journey, we hope you will always remember UEB and St. Francis University. You are always in our hearts and memories. We are always open to welcome you back, not just as alumni but also as cherished members of our family…”

Ms. Hoa Thi Ngoc Diep – one of the new Masters who received her MBA USF diploma, said if there's one word to describe the journey at MBA USF, it would be “unforgettable”. For her, choosing and pursuing an internationally accredited MBA program at UEB linked with the University of St. Francis was a challenging but worthwhile journey. During this time, 6 new masters from the first MBA USF cohort also attended the degree ceremony at the University of St. Francis in the USA.

As one chapter closes, UEB once again extends its warmest congratulations to the MBA USF graduates, wishing them new heights in their careers and remaining cherished alumni of the university in the present and future.

Meanwhile, 6 fresh master students also received the degrees at the University of St. Francis in the US.

>>> Click here to see the news in Vietnamese.

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