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Beneficial field trip for Master's Students of SBA at CP Vietnam Corporation and Tran Phu Electromechanical Corporation

With a training approach oriented towards practical application, the classrooms of the School of Business Administration (SBA) at UEB are not just about lecture hours but also include "real-world learning" excursions directly at enterprises. Through exploring the management and operational models of businesses, students gain interdisciplinary knowledge from corporate spirit and business ethics to production management and risk management in the most visual way. This is also an excellent opportunity for master's students to grasp career opportunities and learn to develop themselves for the future.

In the first part of the program, the professors and students from the SBA visited the newest manufacturing plant of CP Vietnam, a member of the Charoen Pokphand Group (Thailand), operating in the agro-industrial food sector with a closed-loop 3F Plus model: Feed (seeds and feed for livestock, aquaculture feed), Farm (breeding stock and livestock farms), Food (food processing and distribution), and especially "Plus" (sustainable development, traceability, and environmental friendliness).

Students from SBA listened to the introduction of the history of CP Vietnam

After an overview presentation of the Company, the Production Director and company specialists took the group to see the modern closed-loop production line of the factory. The professors and students were impressed with the modern process that ensures food safety, producing thousands of tons of food annually. Following the tour, the SBA professors and students posed many interesting questions about risk management, human resource management, and the measures being applied by the factory to ensure product quality and labor safety.

Students from SBA asked questions to representatives of the enterprise

In the second part of the program, the group moved to the VSIP Hai Duong Industrial Zone to visit Tran Phu Electromechanical Corporation. Here, the group was shown around the production line equipped with machinery imported from leading global brands such as Niehoff and Rosendahl, producing tens of thousands of tons of electrical cables annually.

The students visited the manufacturing factory of Tran Phu Company
and listened to Mr Dang Quoc Chinh - Chairman of the company

At the end of the trip, the professors and students from the SBA had a meaningful and interesting discussion with Dr. Dang Quoc Chinh - Chairman of the Board of the company. From the discussion, the students not only gained a deeper understanding of the core issues of production management but also strategic issues related to efficient organizational management aiming at sustainable development. Particularly at the end of the program, the Chairman shared the "3-2-1" success formula, equipping each student with the tools necessary for their path to success.  

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