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Exploring the Marketing Profession in the Financial Sector with KB Vietnam Securities Company alongside International Business Management Students from UEB CITE

With the philosophy of "Learning by Doing," UEB CITE students had an enriching session full of practical knowledge about the marketing profession in the financial sector at KB Vietnam Securities Company.

On January 4, 2024, International Business Management students and the Business Management Institute of the University of Economics and Business - VNU embarked on a company visit to KB Vietnam Securities Company. This visit offered them a chance to explore the working environment of the Exchange and tour the marketing facilities of KB Securities Company.

KB shared fascinating and valuable information with International Business Management students. 

Mr. Dung, a business specialist at KB Vietnam, shared with the students about the company's and the group's journey of establishment, along with interesting information about the company's core values and corporate culture.

The criterion "Professional, Effective and Timely" is guaranteed to be consistent in all marketing channels

The students listened to practical experiences in the finance sector from Mr. Ho Xuan Kien, Director of the Premium Customer Center. Mr. Kien also provided a lot of useful information related to career opportunities in Marketing, especially the position of Content Marketing in the finance sector.

Director of Senior Customer Center No. 5 shares career opportunities in the financial industry

Mr. Nguyen Huu Minh, Director of Customer Center 06, enthusiastically shared with the students about the current and future marketing development directions of the finance sector, specifically for KB company.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Minh, Director of Business Center No. 6, introduced the marketing strategy of KB Vietnam

Career Opportunities in Marketing within the Financial Sector 

After hearing from experienced professionals in the field, International Business Management students had the opportunity to discuss various topics related to the job requirements of marketing in the financial sector, factors determining a competitive job application, the labor market for this profession in the next one to two years, and the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for better job opportunities after graduation.

Opportunity to communicate directly with future employers
Students listen attentively to interesting sharing about career experiences

Even more special, some students received internship offers for the position of Content Marketing Intern from the Business Center Director and the Director of Exchange 1.

Surely, after the company visit to KB Vietnam Securities Company, the UEBers have somewhat understood the requirements and opportunities in the Marketing profession in the financial sector. The sincere sharing and feedback from the Business Directors also helped the students have a more practical view of the Content Marketing profession and better prepare themselves before officially entering the labor market. The UEBers are eagerly looking forward to more company visits.

The University of Economics and Business - VNU "opens the gate" for Early College Enrollment in 2024: International Business Management Major 

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