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From "Creative Thinking" to Designing Life... a special course at the UEB

From its name, the "Creative Thinking" course declares its message: UEBers, let's be creative, let's explore, there are no limits, no distance, we are unique and striving to become the "best version" of ourselves.

Unlike academic-heavy courses, Creative Thinking is a specially designed course for students at the University of Economics and Business based on design thinking methods in teaching, widely applied at leading universities around the world like the University of Dublin (Ireland), Stanford University (USA), Harvard University (USA)... The purpose is to activate creative thinking, discover innate creative abilities, and train creative skills based on creative thinking methods. After completing the course, through creative activities, reflection, and real-life experiences, students will develop comprehensively the four essential skills of the 21st-century students: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication to effectively solve problems related to life, learning, and future career orientation.

Students designed the wheeling chair in the class of Dr. Nguyen Thi Hai Ha
Another product during the class

"I really enjoy working and studying in a dynamic environment, experiencing new things, so right after the first class of Creative Thinking, I felt excited about this course. I realized that to cultivate creativity and discover my abilities, we need to co-create - collaborate and grow together. Connecting with each other creates a collective, a united group, where the strengths of one compensate for the weaknesses of another, and vice versa. When co-creating, we join hands to create a new outcome, a new product, born from creative minds, which will be robust and long-lasting. When acting as a team, with everyone's support, we find the motivation to strive and develop ourselves," shared by student Nguyen Thu Huong, Class QH-2023-E - Accounting and Auditing 4.

Besides lessons on stimulating thought and motivating oneself through group activities, the "freshmen" of UEB also learned about the rule of "One voice at a time" – how to respect others and receive respect in return, improving oneself to be better when living in a community.

Creative products of the students

"Are we ready to change to seize opportunities?" is a question posed by the instructor during the class, also making each individual seriously reflect. Life is not always smooth sailing; sometimes we face difficulties, challenges, or unnecessary risks. If we keep focusing on the old ways, obsessing over failures, are we losing valuable opportunities for ourselves? - Be flexible to change plans and prepare a strong spirit to face unexpected challenges, turn difficulties into opportunities, fight fears and hesitations... Perhaps, these are the "first life lessons" that the Creative Thinking course wants to bring to its students.

In-class creative challenges were also introduced by the instructors so that each student could understand and apply the useful knowledge and lessons accumulated before, fostering dynamism, creativity, teamwork, helping them recognize and improve their "weaknesses."

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