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UEB - the first university in Vietnam to have 2 training programs achieving 100% criterion as set by the Ministry of Education and Training

In recent years, 100% of the undergraduate training programs (TPs) at the University of Economics and Business - VNU (UEB) have been accredited. Quality assurance and accreditation activities are always identified as a core and continuous task in the strategy to affirm reputation and quality in training and research.

At the end of 2023, the University of Economics and Business conducted a self-assessment and external evaluation for 2 undergraduate TPs in Accounting and Finance - Banking. According to the official evaluation report (Accompanied by Official Letter No. 557/TTKĐ dated December 19, 2023, from the Center for Education Quality Accreditation - VNU HCM), both TPs in Accounting and Finance - Banking achieved 100% criterion standards.

The assessors visited the Faculty of Finance and Banking
and the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing
The assessors working with students, learners, employers and employees

According to the statistics of the Quality Management Department - MOET until October 2023, the country has 1,029 TPs evaluated according to domestic standards, however, no TP has achieved an absolute criterion achievement rate as mentioned above. To date, the 2 TPs of the University of Economics and Business have the highest criterion achievement level in the country.

Some outstanding points of the 2 undergraduate TPs in Accounting and Finance - Banking as assessed by the external evaluation team include:

(i) The 2 TPs of the University have diverse teaching methods, enabling learners to develop their learning and creative abilities;

(ii) The assessment methods are appropriate, reliable, and evaluate the learning outcomes of the learners throughout the process and at the end;

(iii) Student research activities have achieved many notable results, with the school having policies and rewards to encourage students to participate in Scientific Research (SR) in various forms;

(iv) The school applies SR results to teaching (with regulations to include 3 case studies from the research results of learners into the courses, lecturers have many SR results such as textbooks, monographs, articles applied to the teaching process);

(v) Infrastructure is invested in modernity, meeting the needs of teaching and learning;

In the future, the VNU University of Economics and Business will promote a "quality culture" in all fields of activity throughout the school, while focusing on enhancing the information management system (connecting information, data of various activities) to further improve work efficiency. Surely, with determination, innovative spirit, and the enthusiasm of the leadership, faculty, and staff, UEB will continue to affirm its position and achieve more successes in the future.

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