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Company Tour: Lessons Beyond the Textbooks for UEB - USF Students"

The company tour is an annual program for students enrolled in business administration programs offered by foreign partner universities at the University of Economics and Business (UEB), Vietnam National University - Hanoi. Students participating in the program have the opportunity to visit businesses and gain insights into the real working environment, helping them make clearer study plans and broaden their perspectives for future careers.

In this year's trip, over 100 third-year students from the Business Administration program, awarded by St. Francis University, USA, had the chance to experience company tour activities at Le Farm homestay and the Suong Mai Thai Nguyen Tea and Meditation Tea Business Model.

The first destination of the company tour was Le Farm homestay, which is part of the LHB Group, a company operating in the resort and real estate investment sector. Here, the students met and interacted with Mr. Le Thanh Cong, the Chairman of LHB Group. Mr. Cong shared insights into the business model at Le Farm and entrepreneurial experiences with the students.

LHB Group is known as a dynamic and diverse business with various types of operations. Through the story of "starting from scratch," the speaker provided valuable stories and entrepreneurial lessons for students with aspirations in entrepreneurship. Thuy Duong, a UEB - USF student, shared, "While attending lectures, I have learned a lot of valuable knowledge from teachers, but sometimes I couldn't visualize how I would apply that knowledge in the future. 

However, this trip to visit and experience businesses like this has boosted my confidence, and I now know that I need to put in more effort for my future career in the chosen field of business." 

On behalf of the university, Dr. Dao Cam Thuy, Deputy Director of the Center for International Training and Education (UEB - CITE), expressed gratitude to the speaker Lê Thành Công for the insightful sharing with UEB - USF students during the visit and experience at Le Farm.

 After bidding farewell to Le Farm, the second stop in the journey was Suong Mai Thai Nguyen Tea Joint Stock Company. Here, students had the opportunity to learn about the tea and meditation tea business model with Tea Master Suong Mai.

Amidst the hectic pace of life, meditation tea provides a "rest stop" that helps individuals slow down and contemplate more. What is meditation tea, its significance, and how to fully enjoy the essence of tea from heaven and earth? With guidance from Tea Master Suong Mai, CEO of Suong Mai Thai Nguyen Tea Joint Stock Company, students had moments of slowing down and immersing themselves in a cultural experience, a tea appreciation style. This allowed them to have moments of inner peace, bringing their minds back to themselves. This experience helps individuals achieve comfort, happiness, and balance in life, especially after facing the potential stress of work in the future. Students also learned more about the business model and how to create shared value for the community through the Suong Mai Company's model.

Minh Giang, a third-year UEB - USF student, shared his thoughts on the trip, saying, "I feel that today's trip was a valuable and practical experience for us students. Meeting two speakers, each with their own style, life philosophy, and different business experiences, has equipped us with a stronger foundation for our future endeavors."

The Company Tour is a program that is part of the University of Economics and Business's strategy of combining theory with practice and expanding its business relationships. During the tour, students have the opportunity to visit and experience the working environment of corporations, businesses, and organizations that align with their future career directions. The program provides information about business operations, organizational culture, job opportunities, and recruitment criteria of these businesses. These experiences help students gain a broader perspective on the labor market and better prepare them with knowledge and skills for future careers.

Here are some images from the Company Tour:

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