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UEB Lecturers and Students Attend A Special Class at Vietnam Socio-Economics Forum (VSEF 2023)

This is the second time that the VNU - University of Economics and Business has had the honor of being one of six locations participating in the forum.

The Vietnam Socio-Economic Forum 2023 organized by the National Assembly on September 19, 2023, is an important event with the participation of hundreds of experts, scientists, and specialized managers from within the country; international organization experts, businesses, and associations both domestic and international. Not only contributing to the spread of the forum's message, this is also an important thematic activity, greatly benefiting lecturers and students in their study and research process. Besides the direct venue at the National Convention Center (Hanoi), the Socio-Economic Forum 2023 is also connected online to 06 locations nationwide including Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and 05 universities: the University of Economics and Business - VNU, Fulbright University Vietnam, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Foreign Trade University, Academy of Finance, University of Economics - University of Danang.

In 2023, in the context of many difficulties and challenges the global economy faces, many large economies including Vietnam's important trade and investment partners slowed down their growth, and some even fell into recession. Domestically, although the macro economy remains stable, economic growth faces many difficulties, some growth drivers are weakening; the money, finance, and real estate markets entail considerable risks; and production, business, and labor market activities face many challenges. Paying great attention to the Vietnam Economic and Social Forum 2023, from the University of Economics and Business - VNU, young people wish to understand more about the trends of Vietnam's economy; policies, and initiatives that can remove bottlenecks and barriers to the new phase of socio-economic development. This is also essential knowledge for students of economics. 

Studying economics, Ms. Hai Linh from the School of Business Administration, interested in management and economic issues, was very excited when the school connected students with the Vietnam Socio-Economic Forum 2023 directly. Sharing after attending the class at VSEF 2023, Hai Linh said: "Participating in the Vietnam Socio-Economic Forum 2023, we were able to expand our professional knowledge and understand the realities of life through the latest information on macroeconomics as well as understand the opportunities and challenges in the future for the Vietnamese and global economy. For us, this was a very enriching learning session." 

The opinions presented at the forum are a useful source of information, providing additional arguments and bases not only for students but also bringing many scientific specifics for lecturers. "Not only providing enriching and practical knowledge for students; for lecturers, this is also an opportunity to access updated information on the economics sector such as green transformation, promoting the inherent capacity of businesses and the economy, sustainable development... to support students in their learning and research process." - Dr. Bui Phuong Chi - Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Auditing shared after attending the live teleconference at the forum. 

"The Economic and Social Forum" is an annual activity of the National Assembly. After two organizations, the forum spread, attracting the attention of the public, businesses, students, and lecturers in the field of economics. 

Here are some photos of UEB lecturers and students participating in the VSEF 2023 teleconference:

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