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Inspiring UEB-Troy International Students

The course “Information Systems and Data Analytics” (IS3310) delivered by Dr. Jeffrey Bohler is always hard hunted by UEB-Troy students because of its high applicability, diversity in learning methods, and full of interests.

In 2009, Jeffrey started working for Troy University, USA which joins UEB to deliver the Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration. As he worked with passion, Bohler devoted himself to students. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, until the fall term of 2022, Bohler went to Vietnam to meet and teach UEB-Troy students. “Students in the US did not turn the camera on during the lectures, it is however very different for UEB-Troy students. They always turned the camera on to communicate with each other and actively participate in classroom activities. Perhaps, it is because of their confidence that makes the lectures full of fun. I am very happy to work with UEB-Troy students in this trip to Vietnam,” Jeffrey Bohler said.

Motivation, a necessary way to inspire students

Bohler brings about a lot of energy in each lecture with his highly easy to understand and inspiring teaching methods. With his experience and passion for data analysis, he encourages students to do research, discover, and develop themselves. “I want students to study, think actively, and find solutions for practical problems,” Bohler emphasized.

For Bohler, it is important to apply appropriate teaching method to motivate students; it is also essential to find ways to improve students' learning.

Bohler said, when a course chapter ends, he delivers a test and offers a small reward to the student who gains the highest score. His quizzes are often more difficult than midterm and final exams so that students won’t be surprised and feel comfortable when sitting for exams.

In the course of IS3310, he provided update knowledge. Students analyzed data to understand its purposes and values, they then found out whether the data are appropriate to apply for the Vietnamese market. Students worked in groups using the “brainstorming” skill to make use of their imagination and creatiness, thereby coming up with strategies to change product data suitable with the Vietnamese market.

Moreover, Bohler introduced case studies like Apple, Ebay for students who work in groups to analyze the data of each business to see if it operates effectively. Then, a representative from each group made presentation to share their ideas and hear comments from other groups.

“For me, besides motivation, learning methods are also highly important. Teamwork helps students easily discuss and exchange knowledge. Teamwork helps students improve the effectiveness of their study quickly. This way helps students train cooperation, communication, and thinking. I think effective teamwork will be very useful for our performance in future,” Jeffrey said.

Bohler’s teaching methods increase UEB-Troy students’ interests in study and research. Attending his lectures, students expressed their profound impressions to his international teaching methods, his extensive knowledge, and the opportunity to learn, practice, and improve their proficiency in English.

“Attending Bohler's class, I learned highly advanced and interactive teaching methods, and gained useful advice from him on how to enhance my skills. Bohler made up a great atmosphere which can eliminate any language barriers, and he provided students with practical examples to enable them to master a deeper understanding of specialized knowledge, interdisciplinary nature of data analysis”.


Nguyen Quynh Anh
Student, Intake K18B UEB-Troy


Dang Cong Nam, another student from Intake K18A UEB-Troy said that after attending the IS3310 course by Jeffrey, he not only mastered useful knowledge but also improved English proficiency. He saw that it is important for him to improve his level of English for special purposes to be ready for international integration. Those lectures left Nam with unforgettable memories: “The lectures with international faculties, particularly Bohler, helped us have a better orientation of majors and experience modern teaching methods. Therefore, we may plan our future career better and better understand the multinational work environment.”

Perhaps, international lecturers are highly valuable for students attending Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration jointly delivered by Troy University and St Francis University, USA.

If you want to attend international classes, earn a prestigious degree in business administration offered by American universities, and become a global citizen, let UEB make your dream come true.

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