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UEB's student winning scholarship at top university in Korea

Nguyen Thi Nhan (right) with her friend in UEB
Nguyen Thi Nhan – graduate from Faculty of Banking and Finance, VNU University of Economics and Business has won the master scholarship at the National University of Pusan. She shared with us her journey of getting the scholarship.

"I am lucky to be a student of the Faculty of Banking and Finance, VNU University of Economics and Business. The university has a lot of joint training programs with reputable institution and universities over the world, which gives its students various opportunities to receive scholarships. I also had access and received a master scholarship at the National University of Pusan ​​- Korea's top university.

Receiving this meaningful scholarship, I would like to share my feelings as well as my deep gratitude to the university and faculty members, who helped me to get the scholarship.


Nguyen Thi Nha receiving Lotte scholarship

After receiving the announcement, I have studied this master's scholarship carefully. The course lasts 18 months and comprises 3 semesters. The training program is built based on the International Finance syllabus, the largest financial data for training in Korea. Students will study one semester at the University of Technology and Design in Singapore, the world's 12th largest school in 2019 (according to the World University Assessment Organization in the UK). The scholarship will support 100% of tuition fees for the first semester, and will continue to support 100% of tuition fees for subsequent periods if the student achieves the GPA of 3.0/4.5.

At the time, I felt that this is my opportunity as well as the graduates of the Faculty of Banking and Finance who wish to study at the most prestigious university in Korea. Especially, students with difficult circumstances can still reach their dream of studying oversea. During the process of applying for the scholarship, I received the best support and detailed guidance from the Faculty as well as the Pusan ​​National University.

To get the scholarship, I have striven in learning to get the best academic achievement, improved my English skills and participated in social activities, research activities and competition like “Financial Students" etc. I also took a part time job to gain experiences and pay for the tuition and living expenses.

This scholarship is a blessing for me. I hope that the University will have more and more opportunities of scholarship so that students like me can fulfill their dreams of studying overseas.

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Thanh Tu


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