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UEB’s students to receive Lotte scholarship 2019

On 24th April, 2019, the Lotte Scholarship Foundation of Lotte Group, Korean held the 23rd Scholarship Ceremony in Vietnam to award 80 students with outstanding academic achievements from VNU and other universities in Hanoi with a total value of scholarship up to USD 24,000. Five excellent students of VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) received the Lotte scholarship this year.

his year, 15 VNU’s students from University of Social Sciences and Humanity; University of Foreign Languages and International Studies and University of Economics and Business receiving the scholarship, each worth USD 300.


Delivering speech at the ceremony, Korean Ambassador in Vietnam - Mr. Kim Do Huyn said that Lotte Group - representative of Korean enterprises - has conducted many social activities in Vietnam, such as building libraries, job training, etc in recent years. The scholarship award ceremony was different because it focused on cultivating talents, contributing to Vietnam’s development in the future. He believed that the efforts of Lotte Group in particular and Korean businesses in general would provide a solid foundation for long-term and sustainable cooperation between the two countries. He hopes that the scholarship will not only help Vietnamese students but also foster the friendship between Vietnam and Korea. At the same time, he also expects that the students, with their enthusiasm, creativity, will strive even more for the future.



Mr. Lim Sung Bok - General Director of Lotte Hotel, Hanoi - hoped that the scholarship would be a motivation for students to fulfill their dreams in life. He said “I believe that you are not only Vietnamese talents but also able to further develop into high-end international human resources. Opportunities are always available for everyone, however, those who are prepared and ready can seize the opportunity. Hence, I hope you always try your best with the passion and enthusiasm, take new challenge to get more opportunities in the future and become experts in the specialized field”. 

At the ceremony, Mr Kim Do Huyn awarded Lotte scholarship to VNU’s students.

Representative of UEB students, student Nguyen Thi Huong, Faculty of Development Economics shared that “I am very honored when received Lotte scholarships this year. The scholarship not only is a recognition of Lotte Group and UEB for my efforts over the past time but also help me be more confident in the future and look for good careers after graduation. I would like to thank the Lotte Group and UEB for giving me the meaningful scholarship”.

 The Lotte Foundation Fund was established in 1983. Its scholarship is given to students from difficult family with high academic and research achievement. In 2008, Lotte Foundation Fund came to Vietnam and by means of significant scholarships, the fund has become a trusted companion for outstanding students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
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