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Vietnam - France Economy: Towards Green and Sustainable Development

The book was compiled by a large number of scientists, researchers, and lecturers from research institutes and universities nationwide. The book is the result of the serious and dedicated work of the group of authors, as well as the contributions of consultants who have worked together for many years to make it a great success.

The relationship between Vietnam and France is special, multi-dimensional and extensive in many aspects, from history, economics, society to diplomacy. From the ups and downs of history, that relationship has changed and continuously developed over the years. Among them, the economic relationship between Vietnam and France stands out - an element that plays an important role in consolidating and maintaining the relationship between the two countries. France is considered one of Vietnam's major trading partners in the European region, and Vietnam has been a friendly destination, welcoming French businesses to invest in tourism and industrial sectors including energy, construction, aviation and telecommunications. Both countries have also signed trade and economic cooperation agreements to promote trade and investment relations, commensurate with the stature and status of the two peoples.

Socially and culturally, Vietnam and France have extremely special cultural exchanges and connections. France has supported Vietnam in language development and educational cooperation. In addition, French culture also has significant influences on Vietnamese art, architecture and cuisine. In that wave of interference, Vietnamese culture gradually penetrated and spread widely in the hexagonal country, when French cuisine, music, and literature all had more or less silhouettes and beauty of the country and people of Vietnam. In diplomacy, the two countries' strong cooperation is built on the basis of mutual respect, cooperation and common development. Both countries regularly hold summit meetings and official visits to strengthen relations and exchanges on important domestic and international issues. This has contributed to promoting understanding and exchange between the two cultures and peoples.

Cooperation on green and sustainable economic development, as well as improving the resilience of the economy, is an issue of regular exchange between the two countries and has been promoted through many measures and projects. Firstly, through economic development support, when France has provided financial and technical support to Vietnam in many fields such as agriculture, information technology, industry and services, to enhance production and competitiveness of Vietnam, while helping to improve people's living standards. Secondly, through education and research cooperation, when the two countries have established in-depth academic programs and knowledge exchange between universities and research organizations to enhance research and development capacity. Vietnam's technological innovation, while exploiting the potential for cooperation in fields such as science, technology, health and energy. Thirdly, through supports the fight against climate change, financial and technical support packages for Vietnam in building natural disaster warning systems, water resource management and land protection, it helps Vietnam improve responding to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

The book consists of three parts:

Part 1 introduces the relationship between Vietnam and France in many aspects, from history, culture, education, economics and diplomacy.

Part 2 presents experience exchanges, through diverse research tools, towards the goal of greener and more sustainable development.

Part 3 analyzes the issues facing Vietnam in the process of more harmonious socio-economic development under the approach of sustainable trade and social behavior.

The book is a spiritually meaningful present, demonstrating the achievements of long-term cooperation between the two countries, while also bringing practical benefits to agencies, organizations, scientists, and experts in the research process towards a greener and more sustainable economy worldwide.


Authors: To The Nguyen, Dang Trung Tuyen, Vu Duy, Nguyen Duc Bao (Co-editors)

Size: 16 x 24 cm

Pages: 366

Price: 149,000

Publisher: Hanoi National University Press

ISBN: 978-604-300-773-2


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