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UEBers and international students study and experience the environment and culture of Vietnam together

With a curriculum framework designed to be closely integrated with practicality, the Faculty of Development Economics (FDE) of the University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (UEB - VNU) organizes annual study tours for students starting from their first year. In 2023, there is an additional special point with the participation of students from Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thammasat University (TU), Thailand, and Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province, as the practical destinations.

Prepare the necessary equipment before starting...


"Direct involvement and observation are crucial in education, not just words" - Scientist Martin Rees. The University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (UEB - VNU) always aims for the principle of "learning by doing - practical training - vocational training," which allows students to receive education both at the university and within various enterprises through numerous practical learning programs.

With that objective in mind, the Faculty of Development Economics organizes a practical trip to the "Northwest gateway" - Mai Chau, for students to directly observe and understand the local tourism business situation, management experiences of ecotourism models, cultural tourism, as well as the dual development of the economy and the environment. This helps students gain a better understanding of their field of study, plan their learning, and enhance their training effectively.


Sharing about the necessity of practical study tours, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen An Thinh - Head of the Faculty of Development Economics expressed: "With the goal of enhancing real-world experience for Development Economics students, the faculty organizes practical trips right from the first year, providing opportunities for students to directly gather information, apply classroom knowledge, compare theory with reality, and shine a light of reality on their acquired knowledge. This allows them to apply theoretical insights to solve local economic issues."


Accompanying UEBers and the group of international students during their study sessions are UEB - FDE professors along with two lecturers: Associate Professor Dr. Arratee Ayuttacorn (Chiang Mai University, Thailand) and Ms. Jane M. Ferguson (Australian National University). The lectures on topics related to the practical trip are shared by these professors, laying a solid foundation of knowledge for the students before embarking on their exploratory journey.

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arratee Ayuttacorn (Chiang Mai University, Thailand) shared a lecture titled "Nity-based forest management and Payment for Environmental Services in Northern Thailand."
 Dr. Jane M. Ferguson (National University of Australia) introduced the lecture titled "State Building and Race in Mainland Southeast Asia

Setting off... UEBers learn and explore!


"This practical internship is an opportunity for students to gain direction in pursuing future job positions, proactively accumulate knowledge and experience, so that upon graduation, they can seamlessly integrate into the chosen career." - Associate Professor Dr. Le Dinh Hai, Vice Head of the Faculty of Development Economics.

The first stop is Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, where they explore the operational methods of the state administrative agency's economy. This locality excels in community tourism development, helping students broaden their knowledge about the local tourism business reality. Moreover, from this experiential journey, students also "learn about the regional culture, customs, dialects, attire, and cuisine of the culturally rich Mai Chau region" - shared by Mr. Vi Van Manh, Vice Chairman of Chieng Chau Commune People's Committee, Mai Chau district.

Mr. Vi Van Manh - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district 

Having the chance to experience various cultures, Thi Han Htut (CMU), a student from Myanmar studying in Thailand, shared her journey of discovering Mai Chau: "As a Myanmar international student in Thailand, participating in this study tour has given me an additional opportunity to learn about a new land, to understand the culture and economic development in this place..."

Student Thi Han Htut (on the left) expressed enthusiasm for the traditional woven product


For Panpara Panwong (Thammasat University, Thailand) - a student on the study tour with UEBers, the experience holds significant meaning: "I am researching the topic of ecosystem forest exploitation costs in Vietnam. With the practical trip to Mai Chau, I have gained valuable materials from the stories of local people as well as the insights shared by the professors of the Faculty of Development Economics, University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi. I'm delighted that throughout the process of completing my research, I've always received enthusiastic support from the professors and UEB students."
 Student Panpara Panwong (Top row, 2nd from the left) checked in at Mai Chau with the other members of the field trip group

From the classroom to the business world - lessons not found in textbooks

On the second day of the study tour, students visited the 8-village ecotourism area in Mai Chau, a place that promotes community tourism and features traditional handicrafts. They learned how local handcrafted products and businesses in the highland regions are distributed nationwide and internationally for export.


"Learning goes hand in hand with action," every destination in the study tour brings practical values to the students: "The Faculty of Development Economics takes students to ecotourism and community tourism areas in Mai Chau to provide them with a better understanding and direction for research topics related to economic development tied to the conservation, environmental development, and culture of indigenous people. This is a new form of economic development - linked to the green economy. Ecotourism development not only contributes to economic growth but also preserves local culture and environment." - Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen An Thinh, Head of the Faculty of Development Economics, shared.


"Development Economics students learn subjects and topics closely tied to reality, such as economic development, green growth, environmental economics, sustainable development economics... These subjects are taught by professors in the classroom, but when experienced in practice, they help students better understand definitions and operational processes of economic models." - Dr. Nguyen Dinh Tien, Head of the Resource and Real Estate Economics Department, Faculty of Development Economics, University of Economics and Business, VNU, related the lectures to the practical lessons from the study tour.

More than just a trip!


It's the bond between teachers and students, the connection of beautiful cross-national friendships. Beyond the knowledge gained, this is also the practical value that UEB brings to students through these field trips.

Sharing about the lessons learned by the students of the Faculty of Development Economics after the trip, Mr. Pham Canh Toan - Lecturer at the Faculty of Development Economics, expressed: "International classes bring a unique atmosphere. With the same knowledge, students' approaches can differ based on their countries and educational backgrounds. This allows students to learn from each other, helping them perceive issues from multiple perspectives. On the other hand, the trip also creates an opportunity for UEB students to exchange cultures and knowledge, while simultaneously enhancing their language skills through interactions with the group of international students. Hopefully, in the future, the University of Economics and Business in general, and the Faculty of Development Economics in particular, will continue to welcome more international student groups for exchanges, not only in practical study trips but also in competitions organized by UEB."

The study tour not only provides knowledge but also connects UEB students with international students 

The group of students from class QH2022E KTPT 4 mentioned about the practical class in Mai Chau: "This is one of the most meaningful and memorable trips for us. It's meaningful because we have learned a lot, learning from what we directly saw and experienced. It's memorable because this trip has bonded the members of our group and class together..."

The group of students from the class QH2022E, majoring in Economic Development, took photos with the highland residents

"It's truly a joy to participate in the study tour at the University of Economics and Business - VNU and to go on the practical trip to Mai Chau with fellow students. I have 'harvested' a lot from this journey: knowledge, experiences, memories, and especially new friendships... UEBers are talented and enthusiastic in helping international students like us. Throughout the trip, you all have been outstanding interpreters, ensuring we don't miss any information shared by the professors and the local people in Mai Chau." - Reflection from Sirinthip Pothamoon, student at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

The group of student Sirinthip Pothamoon (4th from the left). 

At the end of the trip, the Faculty of Development Economics organizes a reflection session for the 25 groups that participated in the Mai Chau study tour.

Students received a certificate of participation in the program after the study tour concluded 

"Travel a day, gain a wealth of knowledge," a journey filled with valuable and exciting experiences. Exploring new destinations, interacting with new people, UEBers and the group of international students not only acquire new knowledge but also gain clearer direction for their future careers. These experiences will be the assets for students to develop themselves, enhance job opportunities, and step confidently on their current educational path - aiming towards the international job market in the future!

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