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UEB students confidently won the big prize at IMA Student Case Competition 2022

Outstandingly overcoming nearly 1,000 teams, a group of students from the Faculty of Accounting - Auditing, VNU University of Economics and Business won the "2nd runner up" award at the annual competition of the American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) 2022 is for students who are passionate about business - finance - accounting in the Asia-Pacific region.

IMA Student Case Competition 2022 presents a case study at the Sports Complex Trading Company - The Cage in Singapore. Each contestant team representing universities in the Asia-Pacific region will compete, demonstrating their capacity and problem-solving skills set forth by the Organizing Committee.

UEB - proudly chose the school name as the name of the team.

The UEB team participating in this year's competition consists of 4 members: Pham Nguyen Thu Tra, Tran Thao Nhi, Pham Ha Phuong and Nguyen Hai An from class QH-2019-E Accounting CLC2, Faculty of Accounting - Auditing.

Overcoming nearly 1,000 teams, entering the final round, facing 3 very strong opponents from the Philippines and Singapore, the UEB team was still very confident in their presentation and showed quick reactions to the challenging questions from the panel of judgees who are experienced management accounting experts.

 The 4 best teams out of 1000 participating teams are present at the Asia-Pacific Regional Finals

Sharing about the journey to conquer knowledge, UEB team leader - student Pham Nguyen Thu Tra confided: “It was almost three months from the time I received the notification about the contest until the day I was honored to win the Second runner-up award at In the final round of the Asia-Pacific region, every passing moment is a memorable and full of memories for me. The group did not mind late nights meeting online until 3 am, reading together, searching for information and analyzing data. Under the pressure of time, we also had times when we were stuck and depressed. The motivation for the UEB team to successfully reach the finish line is thanks to the encouragement, encouragement and sincere suggestions from the mentors and teachers in the Faculty.”

When efforts are rewarded - there will be sweet results

“After submitting the paper for more than a month, the team received an email from IMA congratulating the Top 4 Final AsiaPac and will give a presentation in the next week. With the dedicated instruction of Mr. Nguyen Nam Trung, Dr. Bui Phuong Chi, the UEB team has improved and has more confidence to express themselves on the official exam day. Besides, the teachers in the faculty also arranged a mock exam and the group also received suggestions from Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Thuy - Dean of Faculty of Economics and Technology and Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong Lien - Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Technology, helped us to improve our exam." - Thao Nhi and Ha Phuong thank the teachers in the Faculty.


Group coaching sessions and mock presentations

Becoming more mature after participating in the program, Hai An was pleased to see "my own transformation along with finding true soul mates - teammates during student life. The contest has ended, but the emotions and memories that the group has experienced will certainly never fade so that when repeated, all members will be proud of what they have tried."

UEB is proud to be ‘on par’ with international friends

IMA Student Case Competition is not only a competition but also a place for international students to study, improve themselves, rub and apply knowledge in practice. The program is also a playground for UEB students to demonstrate their analytical skills, strategic vision and creativity.

UEB team and the lecturers of Faculty of Accounting - Auditing

The Management Accountant (CMA) Scholarship Award from IMA is a worthy achievement for the efforts of an excellent group of students. And above all, the UEB team brought home a "golden achievement" for the Faculty in particular and the University in general, affirming its position with international friends.

“Once again, our UEB team would like to express our sincere thanks to the University and especially the teachers and lecturers of the Faculty of Accounting - Auditing for giving us the opportunity to experience and express ourselves. at this international arena IMA AsiaPac Student Case.”


 Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Thuy - Dean of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing with the UEB team


 Congratulations to the students and teachers of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing with great achievements at IMA Student Case Competition 2022!

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Nguyen Nam Trung (Tran.)


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