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Dr. Vu Duy: “Put yourself in the learner's shoes to turn dry knowledge into engaging lessons”

Young, enthusiastic, always put himself in the position of learners to understand what his students want. Perhaps that is what has created special classes for International Joint Program students at UEB - CITE.

The teacher we want to talk about today is Dr. Vu Duy - Lecturer at Faculty of Political Economy and Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union - VNU University of Economics and Business. Dr. Vu Duy is also one of the young scientists of UEB with many achievements in scientific research; Top 5 lecturers with many articles published in the world's leading prestigious international journals in 2021 of UEB.


Before coming to UEB, Dr. Vu Duy has many years of study and research in the field of economics in the French Republic; He has participated in research collaborations with the Center for Research in Law, Economics and Management in France (GREDEG-CNRS), Vietnam Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry… He is also the author of many articles published in prestigious national and international scientific journals. His current main research and teaching directions are Political Economy, Institutional Economics, History of Economic Theories, and Applied Economics.

With his experience in research and teaching, he is currently one of the typical lecturers selected to teach Microeconomics - of the International Joint Program with 2 American Universities (Troy and St. Francis) at UEB.

Mr. Vu Duy took a photo with his teachers and friends on the day of Dr Thesis defence in the French

“Simplify” concepts through close-to-life examples

With the teaching strategy "Always put yourself in the position of the students to understand what Gen Z wants" along with respecting different opinions, creating motivation for students to speak and express their opinions, Mr. Duy has helped many students overcome the barrier of shyness to progress through each class. Because he always puts himself in the student's position, he understands that Gen Z loves technology, so in his lessons, he creates online games so that students can interact directly through examples. Specifically. Mr. Duy shared: “Gen Z acquires quickly but has poor concentration, so in the teaching process, I often design a brief theoretical lesson time, but increase the practice time, focusing on repeating the knowledge in the classroom. at the beginning and at the end of the lesson to grasp how well their students can absorb the lesson after each lesson.”

In order for students to have a better understanding of the subject, the teacher often gives specific examples so that you can understand the lesson faster, he gives exercises for students to study consumer behavior, the behavior of producers, the formation and defects of the market as well as the influence of the State's policies on the above subjects. The subject sounds like it is "flooded" with theory, but it has a very high applicability, when almost every problem in it can be easily found examples in everyday life. From the constrained story of income, personal preferences, and optimal shopping choices to the story of monopolistic, competitive markets. With a wealth of professional experience and engaging teaching methods, each lesson of Mr Duy brings students a lot of useful knowledge.

Dr. Vu Duy during a lecture on Microeconomics at UEB - Troy

“Microeconomics is the subject that I find most interesting this term, not only because of the knowledge I have learned, but also because I have learned from Mr. Duy. My first impression of Mr. Duy is that he is a very good English speaking teacher, very funny, friendly, approachable and full of enthusiasm. Microeconomics is a rather dry subject, but when I study it, I feel that knowledge is very easy to "get into". He often gives very detailed examples, figures and illustrations, interspersed with Quizzi lessons that are very useful for memorizing the lesson, helping me and my friends better understand the knowledge we are learning. Le Thanh Khoi - K20 UEB student - Troy shared.

Passing the passion for Scientific Research to international students

As a lecturer and also a person who has a passion for scientific research since he was a student, that's why Mr. Duy always wants to pass on this passion to his students, especially. with International Joint Program students. According to Mr. Duy, due to the specificity of the curriculum, international students always have an open and international approach to issues. You have a creative and multi-dimensional way of thinking and approaching problems that sometimes surprises the lecturers. Therefore, directing international students to participate in scientific research is what he always aims for. “During the course of teaching, I noticed that students have a connection between painting, music and economics. Besides, you also caught the trend quite quickly, from everyday stories in life to international events, making the lessons always fresh. I think that the scientific research of international students will open up a lot of interesting research directions. And in the future, I will continue to support them so that UEB - CITE students will soon have scientific researches and publications in magazines" - Mr. Duy shared.

UEB is home, students are relatives

Returning home and choosing the VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) as a stopover after having many experiences in his career. Sharing about the reason for becoming a lecturer of UEB, Mr. Duy said: “UEB is an open, highly internationalized environment where all staff, lecturers and students can create everything. favorable conditions for comprehensive development. I consider UEB as my home and the students as my relatives.” I hope that the students will maintain their enthusiastic learning spirit so that every lesson is useful and full of positive energy. In addition to studying in class, actively practice analyzing learned issues through reading and commenting on issues in newspapers and news. I also hope that you will nurture the individuality and identity of international students; actively participate in extracurricular and community activities besides studying, so that youth at UEB is brilliant and colorful.

With UEB’s students, Mr. Vu Duy is not only a teacher but also a friend

“Find the passions in life and do the work you love, because then you won't have to work a day” - that is the slogan and guideline in our life and work. Mr. Vu Duy - a teacher who is always full of energy and love for his work. Hopefully, with his passion and enthusiasm for students "never cools down", Mr. Vu Duy will continue to spread "fire" to many generations of UEB students in general and international joint program students in particular on the process of acquiring new knowledge.

Le Minh Tuan (Tran.)


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