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Looking back at 1 year of internationalization-oriented activities

The new face of the VNU Journal of Economics and Business
With the orientation of practical applied research and internationalization of the University of Economics and Business, the VNU Journal of Economics and Business is seen as increasing its presence and influence, becoming a prestigious academic forum for the researchers and a good place for the Fellows to show the capacity of scientific research. With seriously scientific publications and a clear internationalization orientation, the Journal confirms the position of the University of Economics and actively contributes to the database used for ranking the Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

The orientation of practical applied research and internationalization of the University of Economics and Business

The University of Economics and Business has made important and key contributions to academic prestige and international publication when forming a strong network of partners, introducing the Vietnam National University to about 80% of scholars in the field of Business and Management Studies for ranking and be recognized as a key, pioneer and leading unit is mainly contributing to top 451-500 ranking in the field of Business and Management Studies by QS, as well as to the world ranking 801-1,000 QS.

Scientific forum with brand values and policy recommendations of the VNU University of Economics and Business

From its start (2002) up to now, after nearly two decades of development, the Journal has constantly innovated its content and format, gradually approached international standards, and effectively fostered the publication of the results of research, scientific applications, academic exchanges in the field of economics, business, and management. The Journal has published more than 600 articles in both Vietnamese and English with an online publication, indexed DOI, imported data into Google Scholar and V-Citation Gate sources, and articles are guaranteed scientific content, to be published on time, and in the form and process of publication to meet the criteria of the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI);

In particular, with the registration of the International Editorial Council of 32 members who are prestigious scholars from universities, research institutes, or government consulting agencies at home and abroad (such as the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Poland, Slovakia, Singapore...), with the expectation of the Journal's academic prestige, excellence in research and voluntary participation, its members will bring contributions in developing a strategic direction to upgrade the journal according to international standards

After the first publication, the Journal was issued the international standard code ISSN and e-ISSN for the Vietnamese and English versions by the National Administration of Science and Technology Information and officially became a member of the Vietnam Journals Online - VJOL - a database that allows readers to access scientific knowledge published in Vietnam and improve the world's understanding of Vietnamese academics.

With new marks, the Journal has committed seriously scientific publication and developing trend of internationalization to bring more outstanding contributions to the industry, becoming a quality scientific and reputable publication.

Development strategy for the Journal

Getting into the international index database is a big challenge for the Journal because of many barriers such as quality, accessibility to the international scientific community, financial resources... To overcome these barriers, the Journal has identified a clear vision and persistent efforts to improve the Journal's quality according to international standards

Firstly, the Journal continues to operate following the principles and purposes with the orientation of internationalizing scientific products associated with economic research, and the market of science and technology.

Secondly, the Journal's Board of Directors are people who have been with the Journal for many years, have high professional qualifications and international standard editing capacity.

Thirdly, the Journal continues to participate in Vietnam's scientific databases to gradually innovate its publishing method, approaching publication according to international practices, especially regarding digitalization and online publishing trend.

Fourthly, the Journal continues to study the operating model of scientific journals of international standards to find the optimal model.

With an overall strategy, tight roadmap, and specific and feasible solutions, the goal of the Journal is to satisfy the strict review standards of the ASEAN Citation Index - ACI and approach ISI, Scopus.

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Le Duy Anh (tran.)


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