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Recruitment of Students for the 2023 Japan Study Tour

The University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University (UEB-VNU) announces the organization of the 2023 Study Tour in Japan program, themed “Encouraging Education and the Prosperity of Japan,” exclusively for UEB students.

Program Introduction

A unique privilege for UEB students is the myriad opportunities for learning and exploring the world through student exchange programs, cultural exchanges, study tours, etc.

The successful programs in Singapore, the UK, Thailand, Japan, and international student exchanges in Korea, Germany, France, Turkey, the USA, and more, previously organized by UEB-VNU, have received enthusiastic participation and support from students and parents.

In 2023, the Study Tour in Japan, themed “Encouraging Education and the Prosperity of Japan,” includes training contents to become global citizens, practical learning visits to universities and businesses, and tours of cultural and historical landmarks, providing students with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the spirit of encouraging education and the foundation for Japan's economic development.

The Institute of Skills Education & Creative Intelligence (ISECI) details the program as follows:

Proposed duration: November 27 - November 31, 2023

For detailed Study Tour in Japan program, click HERE

Cost: ~21,000,000 VND (Depending on flight ticket prices), including:

Tuition fee: 4,800,000 VND

Accommodation, airfare, and other incidental expenses: ~15,500,000 VND (to be covered by the student)

Registration link HERE

Benefits for Participating Students

- Experience being a student at Japan's renowned Waseda University and build connections with local students

- Opportunity to meet and interact with the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan, and learn about Japanese culture and people

- Visit Japanese businesses and famous locations (Japanese Imperial Palace, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Tokyo Skytree, Senso-ji Temple, etc.)

- Enjoy the unique culinary culture of Japan

- Receive the UEB Global Citizen Certificate and points for personal development

Additionally, UEB-VNU will assist students with visa applications, adjusting class schedules as necessary, and handling any administrative procedures (if needed).

Contact for More Information:

Minh Global: 034 751 4595

Mr. Hoàng: 0917323999

Ms. Linh: 091 348 6773


Or message the Institute of Skills Education & Creative Intelligence's fanpage.


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