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CEDS experts interview with Brookings Institute

CEDS's staffs took photograph with Brookings Institute’s experts
On 26 March 2015, experts of Center for Economic Development Study (CEDS), VNU-UEB had an interview with Brookings Institute (US). The interview was to discuss and investigate education innovation of Vietnam general education.

Previously, Brookings experts had interviews with Ministry of Education and Training (MOET); the World Bank; United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF); Embassies; Save the Children Organization; Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI); primary, secondary and high schools in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Lao Cai. In the framework of the project Learning Millions, CEDS, with experienced and prestigious experts, was invited to take part in the project.

t the interview, Dr. Pham Vu Thang - Director of CEDS talked about implemented projects carried by CEDS such as: Determining training unit cost of student in Vietnam, Scoping the implementation of education and technical training at higher education in Vietnam; Independent assessment of teacher training program of SEQAP; Identifying the investment costs to implement Full day schooling (FDS) in primary schools; Public Expenditure Review (PER) etc. The results of the project showed that Vietnam has many innovations in the field of education, such as: the state budget, facilities, school curriculum, expenditure, teacher training and so on. However, besides certain progress and efforts of relevant parties in improving the education quality, there were also drawbacks, which need changing accordingly.

MA. Nguyen Thi Huong Huyen, Deputy Director of CEDS also shared more about the small-scaled projects implemented in Vietnam, including Interhand scholarship program (Norway) developed and coordinated by CEDS with the aim of supporting minority students in high school and university. Vocational and skill training were also provided to these students, who were expected to return and develop economic and community projects locally.

nding the interview, the Brookings experts talked about education projects being implemented by the Institute and expressed their desire to cooperate with the CEDS in the future.

Project Learning Millions conducted by Brookings Institute to explore the innovation and improvement of the educational system of the countries over the world through policies and implemented programs. On that basis, the Brookings Institution will give lessons for the studied countries as well as analysis and commentary on the factors that should change, contributing to the education reforms of the countries in the future.

With the outstanding achievements of education and improvement in education policies and programs, Vietnam is one of 16 countries were selected to participate in the framework of the project Learning Millions by the Brookings Institute.

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