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The “special” handbook and lecturers who “paved the way” for personal financial management training

With efforts to bring values to the young generation, the group of lecturers of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business recently published “A handbook of financial management for students” and translated it into English as a reference for the students.

In Vietnam today, not all students are fortunate enough to be equipped with money management skills from their early life, and most pre-university education programs do not provide them with this. Therefore, many young people fall into troubles with money such as debt or no savings due to their lack of understanding personal finance management.


Sharing about the importance of personal finance management, Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van - Associate Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business said: “Personal financial management is a very important field for people in general and for young students in particular. The World Economic Forum (2015) pointed out that this is one of the survival skills of the 21st century for the young people. This is also a skill that needs to be learned throughout life and plays an important role in ensuring the financial security and prosperity of each person. In developed countries such as the US, Europe, New Zealand or Singapore, this skill is taught at all levels from high school to university”.

Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van shared about her motivation in composing the book 

“Since we started teaching personal finance management to students a few years ago, we saw that there were not many books in personal finance management in Vietnamese. Besides, I always wanted to write an easy-to-understand book to help the student understand the concept in real life. So, this is it.” Ms. Van said.

Cover of the book 

When the Student Handbook of Financial Management was released, it was positively received by the young readers. The launching of the book attracted more than 1,000 registrations, mainly students from universities.

>>> Click here to see the news in Vietnamese. 
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