Lecturer of VNU-UEB received the 2021 Vietnam Environmental Award
23/09/2022 15:35

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen An Thinh, who is Dean of Faculty of Development Economics – VNU- UEB, is honored one of the top ten Vietnamese citizens for environmental protection activities from 2019 to 2021. He was awarded with the 2021 Vietnam Environmental Award by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for his outstanding contributions and accomplishments in "Education, training, communication, consultation, advice, and oversight of the implementation of environmental protection policies and laws."

Thinh held professional management positions, organized international workshops, published papers in international journals, and chaired training curriculum development in "Education, training, communication, consultation, consultation, criticism, supervision of the implementation of policies and laws on environmental protection." He also successfully guided graduate and doctoral students to successfully conduct their research on natural resources and environmental management, climate change, green growth, and sustainable development.

Thinh commented on the honor, "I think about environmental conservation in a very straightforward and everyday manner. The first is the knowledge and practice of maintaining a clean environment, landscape, and public areas. The second is the awareness and action of protecting nature, always demonstrating affection for the people, cherishing each tree branch and blade of grass, and loving from the smallest beings to the great Mother Earth.

In addition, he made significant contributions to environmental education and communication activities, including the design of board-game commercial product set of "Environmental Leader"; delivery of short training courses on environment for socio-political organizations in Vietnam; and participation in television and radio programs on environmental education and communication...

In the eyes of his students, Thinh is a passionate, energizing instructor who consistently ignites their passion for scientific research. He chaired the establishment of the Green Startup and Environmental Action Club (GSEA) at the VNU-UEB in order to spread the entrepreneurial spirit, stimulate thinking and creativity, and, most importantly, deliver the environmental protection message to students.