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IMG scholarship 2021 – Awards for restless efforts

“This is the most important milestone in my student life…”, “All my efforts and determination during the past years have paid off…”, “I feel happy, proud and grateful…” Those are the sharings of three UEB’s students when they found out that they won the IMG scholarship – one of the most valuable one for UEB’s talented students.

The talented boy winning the first prize of VND 100 million

Born and raised in a disadvantaged family, Nguyen Duc Hau always nurture the dream of helping his family get out of difficult circumstances. He tried hard to study and successfully admitted to the VNU University of Economics and Business as a student at the Faculty of Development Economics.


During his time studying at the UEB, Hau proved himself through excellent academic and research achievement, receiving compliments from teachers and admiration from friends. He is also an active member in various student activities and a speaker at many events for students and a "familiar face" in many movements of the Central Youth Union of Vietnam.


With a long list of prizes and achievements, his friend called him “a talented boy”, he is always the one who brings passion and energy. Only few people know that, before the achievements, Hau had overcome the "stormy" days, when he was confused, afraid and thought of giving up. “That was when my father was seriously ill for a long time; I could not afford to continue my studying”. However, with encouragement of his parents, support from teachers and friends, he managed to overcome the difficulties. Winning the most valuable scholarship of IMG is a worthwhile present for such a strong will and talented student.

The touching story of the student who won the second prize of 40 million

Cao Thi Que – the student of QH-2017E-CLC 2 of International Economics is one of the outstanding students with excellent academic records. She equipped herself with various achievements and prizes from academic and extra-curricular activities.


The student said, “When I learned that I had received the scholarship, my happiness surged beyond words, and all my efforts and determination during the past time have paid off. The scholarship is more precious and meaningful when it comes at the right time when I need it most. Part of the scholarship will cover the tuition fee and the rest will support the professional courses I wish to join to develop my career in the future”.


The third prize of VND 10 million for the talented student from Nghe An


“Rely on the mountain, the mountain will fall. Lean on people, people will run. The strongest support comes from inside” – This is the favourite quote of student Vo Thi Hoa Mai who have just won the third prize of the IMG Scholarship 2021.


The smiling student said, “When I found out that I was the one to receive the scholarship, I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise. I remember how grateful I am being a student at the UEB.” The student said, she understood that learning is a life-long journey so the smartest investment is to educate yourself. That’s the reason why she intends to spend her prize for the courses to improve foreign language and soft skills.

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Anh Tu (Trans.)


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