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Keeping up with the Trend of Digital Transformation in Finance and Banking – Initial Steps in Education at UEB

For practical training purposes, the Board of Directors of PVcomBank, and representatives of the Board of Directors and Faculty of Finance and Banking (UEB) organized an online workshop to share useful and up-to-date information on digital transformation in finance and banking, contributing to further improving the relationship between the two institutions in bringing more knowledge values to students.

Attending the workshop, on the side of PVcomBank, there were Nguyen Thi Nga - Director of Public Commercial Division, Le Thi Hanh - Deputy Director of Human Resource Management Division, Nguyen Thi Nga - Deputy Director of Marcom Board, and staff.

On the side of UEB, there were Le Trung Thanh - Rector, Nguyen Van Hieu and Luu Ngoc Hiep - Vice Deans, lecturers and students of the Faculty of Banking and Finance.


Challenges in digital transformation

Digital transformation in finance and banking has been a hot topic in recent years. This trend is to improve operational efficiency by streamlining and automating processes, so financial institutions can improve future readiness and enhance customer experience. Additionally, digital transformation can help banks better compete in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

High-quality human resources who master both finance and technology are believed to have advantages in digital transformation. However, this also triggers obstacles for businesses and digital banks. Talking about the need for human resources in digital transformation, especially in the digital transformation of finance and banking, Nga who is Director of PVcomBank said: “Organizations, financial institutions, and PVcomBank are facing great challenges in allocating necessary resources to facilitate digital transformation initiatives, especially in the upheavals of the economy today. This becomes even more difficult when banks need to make significant investments in technology or human resources. Therefore, the Master’s Program in Fintech offered by UEB provides the solution to address difficulties faced by enterprises in this period.”

Master’s Program in Fintech - A solution to satisfy the need for human resources to catch up with the trend of digital transformation

At the workshop, Le Trung Thanh - Rector - talked more about the transformation of businesses as well as the demand for high-quality human resources in banking and finance: “Digital transformation or science and technology application in many sectors, particularly in banking and finance, is the solution to help keep up with the world. However, the shortage of high-quality human resources, who master technology and finance knowledge has challenged the transformation of organizations and businesses. The Master's Program in Fintech delivered by UEB opens up a turning point to solve this urgent problem.”

The Master’s Program in Fintech delivered by UEB under the TRUST Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the EU is the first and only program in the North of Vietnam that trains in the Vietnamese language and is awarded by a local university. Its courses are designed according to international standards based on the experience and advice of experts in many fields, in order to supplement in-depth and advanced knowledge in finance, banking, insurance... in the digital economy, meeting the requirements of the global market.

In addition to the highly practical content of the program, students will learn in UEB’s modern, stimulating environment. FINLAP classrooms with full of smart equipment demonstrate the realization of the policy of “learning through doing”.

Also at the workshop, PVcomBank introduced 5 internships for the 5 best students of the Faculty of Finance and Banking following “The Diamond Journey”. “This is a training and career orientation program organized by PVcomBank for 5 students with excellent academic achievements. The human resource development team of PVcomBank provides orientation and career development activities for them as they are still studying, the student therefore will go through a 3-month training journey to be equipped with practical knowledge in desired positions, and be guided directly by top mentors to firmly grasp the working processes. After the training and evaluation of the management board, those students will have the opportunity to become interns or official experts at the bank” Le Thi Hanh, Deputy Director shared more about “The Diamond Journey” program. She said the program brings opportunities for students of the Faculty of Finance and Banking to work at the business.

It can be said that the workshop shows UEB’s willingness of accompanying financial institutions and banks, including PVcomBank, in grasping Fintech development trends. The two institutions hope to have more opportunities for cooperation for students and staff. PVcomBank hopes to open up good opportunities for the two sides to create more knowledge values.

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